Top 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses In The World

Sunglasses speak of glamour and class. They reduce eye strain and protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation and dust. For the rich and successful, sunglasses are status symbols, an instrument to assert your style, look chic, and feel great. The demand for luxury sunglasses has given us some of the most beautiful – and outrageously expensive – sunglasses to have ever been created. Here’s some of the most expensive sunglasses in the world.


  1. Cartier Paris 18 Carat Gold - $25,000

With 188 diamonds worth 7.5 carats set into its frame, these retro looking sunglasses are framed in gold and cost 25 big ones. This classy 80s throwback accessory complements a vintage Hollywood look.

Cartier Paris 18 Carat Gold

  1. Lugano Diamonds - $27,000

This set of glasses have two different versions:  a gold frame inlaid with pink diamonds and a leopard print variant with yellow and black diamonds. Both versions have a daring set of pink lenses. These custom frames of masterful craftsmanship from Lugano Diamonds are indeed worth the moolah.

Lugano Diamonds Sunglasses

  1. Gold and Wood Diamond - $30,000

The masterful blend of 12 different precious woods, silk, carbon fiber, solid horn, and 119 diamonds makes the Gold and Wood Sunglasses and laudable collector’s item.

Gold and Wood Diamond


  1. Gold and Wood Prestige - $55,000

Another magnum opus by Parisian designer Gold and Wood, the Prestige has hand-shaped horn stems, platinum accents, and a diamond studded bridge and hinges.

Gold & Wood Prestige Sunglasses

  1. Bvlgari Flora - $59,000

This Italian-made beaut has a cat-eyed frame and is representative of the more fashion-inclined clients of eye wear.

Bvlgari Flora


  1. Luxuriator Canary Glasses - $65,000

These luxury sunglasses manufactured by Franco Inc is handmade by skilful artisans with gun-metal rose, white, and yellow frames inlaid with pave or micro pave diamonds. With temple hinges made from exotic leather and solid buffalo horn, these sunglasses are custom made according to preference with respect to frame style, lens shape, tint and optical prescriptions.

Luxuriator Canary Glasses

  1. Cartier Panthere - $159,000

The first in line in the six figures range, Cartier’s Panthere has crouching panther accents and are inlaid with 561 diamonds and 645 sapphires. These sunglasses are only available after order only.

Cartier Panthere Sunglasses


  1. Shiels Emeralds - $200,000

Inspired by the legend of Roman Emperor Nero viewing gladiator battles through green gemstones, the incomparably unique emerald sunglasses took 5 years to create. This profoundly luxurious set of sunglasses has captured the interest of celebrities all across the world.

Shiels Emeralds

  1. Dolce and Gabbana DG2027B - $383,000

These brown-tinted sunglasses are framed in gold, with the brand’s name inlaid into the stems in diamonds. They have proven to be one of the most iconic and sought-after pieces of luxury eyewear.

Dolce and Gabbana DG2027B

  1. Chopard - $400,000

This high-end masterpiece uses a special method to set diamonds more closely together to create an especially radiant ‘carpet’ of diamonds. Its price tag of nearly half a million merely attempts to set a precedent value for such awe-inspiring craftsmanship.


Chopard - The Most Expensive Sunglasses In The World