How Did Sunglasses Come Into Fashion?

Nowadays everyone sports a pair of sunglasses, not just in the hot summer sun, but pretty much year round. Even on cloudy days, the sun's glare can make it tough to see properly when, for example, you're driving. A good pair of sunglasses is essential.
We choose them for their quality, but fashion and style come into play, too. Choosing a pair at your local discount store isn't advisable; you need high quality, U.V. blocking lenses to protect your eyes, and only a vision care specialist can ensure you get the right pair. The lenses can be made of glass or plastic, and the colors can differentiate.
They also come with different types of lenses, for example brown lenses are often prescribed for folks with macular degeneration, because they protect the eyes more thoroughly. The lenses are tinted to a greater or lesser extent, based on your prescription, if you have one. If you don't, and just want to protect your eyes from basic sun damage, a standard pair of sunglasses can suffice, however it is recommended to have an optometrist look at your eyes, so they can give you the best suitable product as we are all slightly different to one another.

Sunglasses first became popular – like so many things – because of Hollywood Stars whom started wearing them in the 1920s, this is mainly due to black and white films being the only option in that area, lighting on set was very very harsh, so the crew on set alongside the directors needed something to make it easier on their eyes. This then changed of course as actors began using them on and off the stage, as a popular – yet highly ineffective way for stars to try to hide their faces when out and about in public. By the 1930s, everyone, stars and everyday people alike, were wearing sunglasses on just about every occasion imaginable.



Today, sunglasses are far more sophisticated in design and manufacture than they were back then. You can spend a small amount, or a small fortune getting a pair you like. What's important, particularly if you wear glasses or contacts, is that you get professional advice from a vision care specialist before buying them. Sunglasses are important to how you look, but what matters most is that you protect your vision. And only a vision care specialist can help you with that!


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