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''Within 3 months i noticed my eyes changing to an extremely light green color, i could not contain my excitement, do you know how long i have worn colored contacts for, well not anymore!!''

Shalia Marsden - Oxford, United Kingdom

''At first, i was hesitant to buy the eyedrops, seems kind of too good to be true, but i truly cannot be more amazed by the results, now my BF is using them as well hah!!''

Jamina F - Florida, USA

''Four months in, and my husband commented one morning that my eyes were light blue, that day made it all worth it, Thank You''

Brooke Halsey - ( - Melbourne, Australia

''Where do i even begin, i had extremely dark brown eyes, im talking real dark!, but that was the old me!, now i can finally say i have green eyes, permanently''

Jasmine P - Zurich, Switzerland

''One of my good friends got this for her 21st birthday, she actually looks like a different person now with beautiful grey eyes, so now its my turn and i am trying the honey color''

Tally Hinks - New York, USA

''Was watching that famous youtuber who used the drops, which made me try it, 5 months in and my eyes are dark blue, and to think i was considering surgery at one stage, this was so much easier, and safer too''

Arian Keysley - Miama, USA


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